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Treatments: [to be translated]

- Energetisch: Verbesserung der innerliche Haltung und die Ausstrahlung im Umfeld, auch als Fernbehandlung.

- Biochemische Heilmethode mit Dr. Schüßler minerale Zellsalze

- Internationale Blütentherapie

Schutz gegen Elektrosmog

- Gesundheitstips Ernährung

- Kommunikation mit Tieren und Tierbehandlungen (hier klicken)



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More info on inZélesta:

How easy is it to connect to radiant life energy?                                                        

inZélesta offers an holistic form of therapy on a natural basis. The practice started in Amsterdam in 2009 and is developing into an international business with a branch in Malta.

The name inZélesta derives from the connection between 'insight' and Célesta, alias for Dorine van Heerdt tot Eversberg. Dorine has a scholarly background. Her treatment is a combi of psychological insight, energy healing with flower remedies and the streaming of pure energy. This is a great way for people who are suffering from stress, depression, lack of sleep, or a low self-image to change their negative stance and become aware of their possibilities. When you are in a negative mood, you simply overlook the good opportunities!

Becoming self-concious is a first priority on the road to recovery. The goal is integral health on all levels.

Plato, one of the greatest philosophers and spirits of classical antiquity, states that only a well-balanced soul can represent healthy personality. Mind and body are not separate entities, they function together. Imbalance in one part brings suffering to the other. This truth is still relevant to our times, as modern society is dominated by work pressure and high expectations from family and friends.  A person's own limiting behaviour does not open the windows to the world.                                                                                                                                   In the modern world there is also a lot of radiation from mobile phones, mobile masts and screens around. The accumulation of strong electromagnetic fields puts a limiting blanket over your physical performance.

As long as you are strong and healthy, you are able to bear it. When stress at home or work starts to build up, you are less able to withstand it. Emotion reigns, you lose yourself, seek help in sleeping pills, alcohol, or start to feel ill. Mobile radiance comes on top of this pile.



The therapy will inspire you to focus on personal possibilities instead of on personal limitations. You will gain insight into your own functioning and change it into being more yourself, feeling free to follow your intuïtion. Natural remedies, such as flower essences or energy streaming help to create an openness to adapt to a new attitude. 


Physical complaints, pain and suffering originate from deep emotional origins, sad energy which was stored away: an accident, loss of a parent, not feeling respected or loved, etc. To reveal the source means to heal the energy of it. To find an answer to your plight, we just need to focus directly on the source of the problem. Once this is found you can start to live your best life ever, by following your gut feelings! 


Download here the brochure with information of the therapy.


Happy children and cell phones

Many people do not recognize that  there is more to a healthy life style than taking care of your body and at times, relaxing. We should also take precautions not to harm ourselves or other people. If you want to stay connected to the world by cell phone, please read on here 

            Baby_mobiel            Children + mobile phones =          alt







I am very much looking forward of being of any advice and assistance to you. Please feel free to contact me through e-mail or by telephone if further information is needed. 



Consultations on Gozo and Malta for human beings and animals alike cost € 55 p.h. 

Consultations anywhere else or on Skype € 70 p.h.

Amsterdam: +31-6533 92259

Xlendi, Malta 991 933 60

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inZélesta, Radiant Life Energy

Dorine van Heerdt M.A.
Egelenburg 72
1081 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31-20-6617422,cell phone number +31-6533 922 59

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