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Tips and tricks for advanced users   

Some recommendations posted on this page are the result of my own experience.

"Light is stronger than darkness" - Desmond Tutualt

Start energizing yourself by learning how to stream pure energy.

Happy healthy children?


Avoid cell phones please!



Lead by example


Prevent sunburnalt  with Prase  

No more sunscreen. All you need is to drink water enriched with the  green mineral prase. This will protect against sunburn for ca. 4 hours. 



 "Eat shit and die"
Healthy food will give you new energy and a good physical condition.
Prefabricated food & snacks "on -the go" often contain toxins as preservatives: several E-nrs., high sugar levels, colourants.
Do you really want to damage your system? [More will follow.]

The power of ammonites

altWant to stay well rooted? 

Sleep better, perform better the next day?

These fossils are over a 100 million years old and still active to boost your grounding in reality. 


 Christ thorn


the leaves quickly heal small cuts or wounds.
A thorny friend makes up for its poisonous juice and sharp thorns by quickly closing small cuts or blisters.

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